Version 1.3

We would like to bring to your attention an important update regarding our licensing terms

If there are updates to the licensing terms, adherence to these changes will require the purchase of a new license. The terms of the existing license will be honored for the duration specified in that agreement

This is to inform you that once your subscription is canceled or has expired, you are no longer permitted to use the font on any projects. As part of this process, it is mandatory to delete the font from both your local and cloud storage within 1 day after the subscription is canceled or has expired

Your license will remain active for the duration of your subscription period. During this time, you are authorized to use the licensed materials as outlined in the terms and conditions.

Once a project or work has been initiated under an active subscription, the license coverage will continue to be applicable even if your subscription is canceled or has expired

Any modification or alteration, even minor changes, to the font does not grant you ownership of the copyright. The permission granted is solely for usage, and any modifications require explicit communication and approval. It is important to note that usage permission does not translate into ownership of the copyright holder.

As the brand owner, we have the right to remove, delete, or request the removal of any user found not adhering to the terms specified in our licensing agreement. This action is in line with maintaining the integrity of the licensing terms and ensuring proper compliance. Please be aware that, in such cases, there will be no refund provided for any unused portion of the license. This is a standard procedure to emphasize the importance of adhering to the agreed-upon terms.

We want to inform you that the old license version will be available soon, if it is not already. For users who have made a purchase before a new license update, we kindly request you to contact us.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in ensuring compliance with our licensing policies. If you have any questions or if there is anything specific you would like to discuss regarding your custom license, please feel free to reach out to us

The Desktop License is designed to allow users to try out the font on their preferred software, examining the details of characters, and addressing specific requirements before committing to the purchase of the true license. It serves as a preliminary step to ensure compatibility and suitability for your real case of usage.

The Desktop License is versatile and suitable for a range of users, including individuals, solo persons, and businesses or brands. It provides the flexibility to explore and test the font on various platforms, ensuring it meets your specific needs before committing to a more extensive license.

Detailed information about the permitted usage is available on the purchasing page.